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Conducting research in an omnibus setting couldn't be easier than with
PKS Research Partners. For each survey, 1,000 interviews are completed across the contiguous United States among a nationally representative sample of adults
18 years of age and older. Half of the sample consists of males and half consists
of females.

Utilizing quotas and a statistical weighting scheme, the data provided is balanced
in proportion to the population of the United States by gender, age, education, region,
and race.

The omnibus services offered by PKS Research Partners give clients the ability to cost efficiently place a few questions, or as many questions as desired. Questions can also
be targeted to a specific geographic or demographic segment. You only pay for your proprietary questions. All demographic questions are included in the price.

A survey is conducted each weekend. This service allows clients to have a 72 hour turn around if necessary. Questionnaires are finalized by Thursday noon (EST). The fieldwork
is conducted from Friday evening through Sunday evening and results are provided via email on Monday with hard copy of the tabulations provided the following day.

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